Our School

Front Officew

                                 255 East Wigwam Boulevard

                                    Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

                                       Phone: 623-535-6100

                                  Fax: 623-935-3779

Litchfield Elementary School in Litchfield Park, Arizona is located at the heart of the city of Litchfield - a historic community with rich history and deep connections. Litchfield epitomizes the “small town” feel where families and their children are the priority, and neighbors work together for the common good of the community. 

Litchfield Elementary is a place like no other: a public school embracing the surrounding community partnership, striving to use the power of collaboration, and understanding the importance of maximizing every individual’s potential on campus. We focus on aspects of education for which we have control and influence, instruction and climate.  Purposeful instruction is implemented using data and we can support our claims to excellence with outstanding test scores.  The school community has been in establishment since 1917 and is physically located in the center of the Litchfield community, across from the public library and the Wigwam Resort. It has evolved over the years but is a tribute to the value community members place on education and the importance that families place on having well educated, thriving children.

(Excerpt from A+ Application, January 2019)